Flyer of the funding measure "ReziProK" (October 2020)
The flyer provides a clear overview of the funding measure "ReziProK" and the main topics of the research projects.


Project flyers of the funding measure (March 2021)
The project flyers provide a brief overview of the individual projects, their objectives and first results.

Project sheets of the funding measure - in German (December 2019)
The project sheets provide a brief overview of the individual projects and their objectives.


ReziProK Newsletter - in German (March 2020)

The newsletter contains a short overview of the first sustainable results of various ReziProK projects. Enjoy reading.




Circular Economy, Innovation and Quality Infrastructure

Within the Special Issue "Circular Economy, Innovation and Quality Infrastructure" of the MDPI Journal "Sustainability", several interesting articles around the topic "Circular Economy" were published.

Link to the journal "Sustainablity"

Consumers’ Acceptance of a Bio-circular Automotive Economy: Explanatory Model and Influence Factors (12.03.2020)

The article of the project ConCirMy aims to provide a better understanding of the factors which drive acceptance of sustainable tyres. It presents an acceptance model and related influence factors in three areas: variables related to the consumers, perceived product characteristics and stimulating moderator variables.

Link to the journal "Sustainability"


New BMBF call for proposals "Digital GreenTech - Environmental technology meets digitization" - in German (10.03.2020)

In order to link digital technologies with environmental technologies to develop innovative, sustainable products, processes and services in the application fields of water management, sustainable land management and geotechnology as well as resource efficiency and recycling management, a new funding measure was announced by the BMBF. Further information is available at:



Towards a resource-efficient circular economy - in German (10.12.2019)

Reusable systems or vehicles with twice the service life save resources, save costs and reduce waste. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports such win-win models of a resource-efficient circular economy.

Link to the BMBF message



Press releases

Press release on the launch of the "DiTex" project - in German (November 2019)

Press release on the launch of the "ReLIFE" project - in German (November 2019)

Press release on the launch of the "AddRE-Mo" project - in German (October 2019)

Press release on the launch of the funding measure ReziProK - in German (September 2019)