The networking and transfer project "RessWInn" networks the research teams of the funding measure "Resource-efficient Circular Economy - Innovative Product Cycles (ReziProK)" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), provides them with technical support and supports the transfer of the results into economic practice.

From a linear to a circular economy

Against the background of the ecological consequences of the high consumption of resources and the limited availability of raw materials, it is indispensable to fundamentally transform the hitherto mostly linear economy along the raw material extraction - production - use - disposal chain into largely closed cycles. The aim of the research projects of the BMBF funding measure "ReziProK" is to contribute to the implementation of a resource-efficient circular economy by closing product cycles. The research results are then to be immediately transferred into economic practice and marketable products in order to strengthen companies in Germany as competitive suppliers of circular economy solutions.

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Commonality in the network

The "ReziProK" projects are looking for innovative solutions and concepts in various sectors and subject areas such as the electrical and construction industry, the plastics industry and electromobility. The networking and transfer project "RessWInn" aims to support a lively exchange by networking the individual projects within and outside the funding measure. By identifying cross-relationships, potential is to be fully exploited and synergy effects generated in order to strengthen the projects and support a "thinking-outside-the-box". In concrete terms, "RessWInn" offers a platform for information and communication, for example through the website of the "ReziProK" funding measure, the provision of information material and the organisation of "ReziProK" events, such as central conferences, workshops, discussion forums. In this way, the research approaches and results in the funding measure and in the respective value-added chains are discussed - with the involvement of further participants from the economy, politics, science organisations, environmental and social interest groups - and the dissemination of results is supported. A comprehensive public relations work also strengthens the visibility of the projects; a joint appearance creates more reach in the public as well as with relevant target groups in business, politics and science organisations and integrates them into the dialogue with the funding measure.
"RessWInn" also offers the "ReziProK" projects intensive support in transferring the project results into economic practice, if required. If desired, the projects can be supported in evaluating the exploitation potential of their project results and in feeding transferable results into relevant platforms, databases and networks.

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Partner for networking and exchange

DECHEMA is the competent network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society, it represents these fields in science, industry, politics and society and promotes the technical-scientific exchange of experts from different disciplines and organizations. DECHEMA contributes its many years of experience in the coordination, networking and public relations work of research and development projects and scientific accompanying projects to other BMBF funding priorities in "RessWInn".

The company N³ Nachhaltigkeitsberatung Dr. Friege & Partner complements the competences of DECHEMA with further expertise, practical and project experience, among others in the fields of environmental economics and resource management (private and public sector), sustainability assessment as well as technology and knowledge transfer and networking of stakeholders along value chains.


Project sheet - in German (August 2019)
The project sheet provides a clear overview of the networking and transfer project.


Contributions to the ReziProK Kick-off event in December 2019

Poster - in German (December 2019)

Presentation - in German (December 2019)

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